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Balance RVA is Central Virginia's Wellness-Based Coworking Space


Balance RVA Central Virginia's Only Wellness-Based Coworking and Office Space In Central Virginia, Providing on-site Childcare and Coaching from some of Richmond's Best Business Professionals

Leadership Team

Balance RVA Central Virginia's Only Wellness-Based Coworking and Office Space In Central Virginia, Providing on-site Childcare and Coaching from some of Richmond's Best Business Professionals

Juri Miller


If there’s one thing Juri doesn’t like, it’s being bored. That’s why when fortuitous events brought her some unexpected downtime in 2019, she wasted no time. After a car accident and weeks of hospitalization forced her to stand down for a few months, she did what any other normal person would do: she got a puppy to keep her company, and started a business to keep her sanity.

As a former banking executive and with three kids at home as well, Juri has always been passionate about the daily struggles of working parents. As the owner of Balance RVA (BRVA), Juri’s mission is to help parents raise families without having to sacrifice an ounce of their professional ambition. At her 10,000+ sq ft building in Richmond’s busy West End, she provides her members with a quiet and distraction-free place to work, while also offering on-site childcare and an abundance of health and wellness resources.

Prior to becoming a self-declared “mompreneur,” Juri spent over a decade as a successful banking executive. By the age of 26 she was promoted to the role of Senior Vice President at the 6th largest bank in the nation. That soon led to more executive positions including Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) for the nation’s second largest non-bank lender. “I was very fortunate,” she says. “By the age of 30, I had achieved everything I wanted to in Corporate America.” So when her first child arrived in 2009 and then her second quickly followed, she decided it was time to go off on her own. First she started a regulatory consulting business — after that, a photography business and then a real estate business. “Even though I had more work, I was working fewer hours and getting more done than ever, because I had complete control over my schedule,” she explains. “There’s no such thing as work-life balance anymore; it’s all about work-life integration.”

Now a passionate advocate for working parents everywhere, Juri leads a staff with a singular mission – to help others realize that having a successful career AND being a dedicated parent are not mutually exclusive. “Balance RVA is built on the belief that parents shouldn’t have to choose between their careers and their families,” she says. “Everyone can, and is entitled to, have both.”

Juri graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cornell University with degrees in both English and Psychology. She attended graduate school while working full-time and earned her Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) with Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK) honors from the University of Richmond – Robins School of Business. Her expertise in running financial operations has been published across the globe, and in 2013 she was recognized by the University of Richmond as an inaugural winner of its “Top 35 under 35” award. She lives in Richmond, VA with her husband, their 3 children and French bulldog puppy, Taco. In addition to the daily struggles of working parents, she is passionate about mental health rights, child abuse prevention, and alternative healing modalities.


Amanda Cobb, Childcare Instructor at Balance RVA Coworking Space and Office Rentals in West End Richmond VA

Amanda Cobb

Childcare Instructor

From her most earliest memories, Amanda has always enjoyed caring for children. Amanda began her career in childcare at Fort Belvoir in the Child Development Center working with children aged 18-36 months in the pre-toddler/toddler rooms. Taking a continuing education course through Northern Virginia Community College, Amanda obtained her child Development Associate Credential through the Council for Professional Recognition. She moved on to being hired at a brand new Child Development Center as the Lead Teacher for two separate pre-toddler/toddler rooms.

Amanda’s son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes as a toddler and the diagnosis was life-changing. She pivoted to providing childcare services from her home to remain available for her sons needs until he was school age. Amanda is a testament to the family and work life balance that BRVA provides it’s members, which is why she is passionate in providing excellent childcare at Balance RVA for your children too!

Clara Robinson

Childcare Instructor

Clara Robinson has over 20 years experience building and running private day care centers. As a former teacher and current homeschooling parent, Clara has dedicated her life to helping develop the next generation of leaders. Clara is in charge of Balance RVA’s curriculum for older toddlers and elementary age students. She believes in a hands-on approach and real-world application. Her breadth of interests is wide and diverse, even teaching BRVA’s children how to grow their own garlic in BRVA’s kitchen! Clara loves gardening, developing science experiments and spending time with her 16-year old daughter, Kasey.

Clara Robinson, Childcare Instructor at Balance RVA Coworking Space and Office Rentals in Henrico Virginia

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