What we offer

Private Offices with No Fuss

Want a private office but don't want to deal with the headache of utility bills, printer toner and taking out your own trash?   Our offices include 100% paid utilities; 2x/week professional cleaning; full access to our commercial-grade office equipment; full access to our conference rooms, Podcast room, Video room and event space; high-speed wifi; full mail services; and even a full-time receptionist to greet your guests and help you with any of your office needs. So you just focus on growing your business. We'll do the rest.

Additional Business

At Balance RVA, our coworking members are working parents raising families and building careers.  "Self-care" is an amusing concept - because who really has time to invest in their own health and wellness, when kids are crying and work deadlines are looming? 

But what if all the wellness resources these parents needed were just steps down the hallway?  What if they could squeeze in a chiropractic adjustment in that one 15-minute break between morning meetings?  What if they didn't have to worry about who will watch their kids - or cover for them at work - while they finally get that acupuncture treatment?

At Balance RVA, we know the answer to these questions because we see it unfold every day!  We remove all the barriers to self-care by bringing  health resources to our busy working professionals and taking care of all the logistics - from appointment scheduling to childcare. We make it EASY, CONVENIENT and GUILT-FREE for our members to finally invest in their own self-care - which means more business for YOU.

Don't Wait!

At Balance RVA, our members benefit from the multiple office and wellness amenities we provide in one central location, and our practitioners benefit from the same office amenities and additional business they receive - through our members - simply by being on-site.  It's a proven concept that has helped multiple practitioners like you grow their businesses without any marketing spend (in fact, WE market FOR you, at our expense!)  We intentionally limit the number of practitioners we allow in one field to reduce the competition and generate exclusive business.  Call us today and lock-in your spot!