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Balance RVA is Central Virginia's Wellness-Based Coworking Space

Balance Kids

On-Site Childcare for Working Parents

Balance RVA Central Virginia's Only Wellness-Based Coworking and Office Space In Central Virginia, Providing on-site Childcare and Coaching from some of Richmond's Best Business Professionals

Balance Kids

Caring for children 0-12 years of age

Balance RVA Central Virginia's Only Wellness-Based Coworking and Office Space In Central Virginia, Providing on-site Childcare and Coaching from some of Richmond's Best Business Professionals

Affordable, Values-Based Childcare for Working Parents

Balance Kids is Virginia’s first childcare program exclusively designed to help children develop an identifiable set of core values. Our mission is not to replace the traditional childcare curriculum, but to complement it by focusing on the emotional intelligence and right-brain skills that are critical to a child’s long-term success. However, we also realize that childcare programs must be affordable in order for them to help the community. That’s why we take more than half of our coworking revenue and use it to subsidize childcare costs.

Safety First… Always

Being affordable doesn’t mean we take shortcuts or sacrifice quality of care. Our staff members are full-time, devoted employees who undergo an extensive background check and are CPR/First-Aid Certified.  Although we operate under an approved licensing exemption, our classrooms meet or exceed Virginia’s teacher-student ratios.  Every classroom is also equipped with live surveillance cameras, to which parents and guardians have 24/7 access.  All children and staff are subject to a mandatory, contact-less temperature check upon arrival.

Balance Kids Childcare with Balance RVA offices and coworking in Central Virginia

Our Childcare Program is Grounded in 12 Essential Values

  • Emotional Awareness and Empathy
  • Self-Worth and Self-Acceptance
  • Forgiveness and Compassion
  • Kindness and Anti-Bullying
  • Accepting Responsibility
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Protecting the Earth
  • Respect for Others
  • Giving to Others
  • Teamwork
  • Gratitude
Balance RVA Playground

Childcare Reviews

“We would be lost without the services Balance RVA provides. It has allowed my husband and me to continue our careers during this difficult time. It offered the opportunity for our children to be in a smaller group setting for school, something my husband and I couldn’t have afforded.”


“Knowing my child is being well taken care of onsite allows me to work free of stress. This place is truly amazing and I don’t know what I would do without it.”


“BRVA’s child care option and prices have literally transformed my business and life.”


“I can honestly say Balance RVA has changed my life. I returned to work (permanent remote position) after 6 short weeks of having my daughter and was immediately faced with the challenges that come with work-life balance. I am career-driven, but believe that my family comes first so I have had to make sacrifices in my employment and professional development over the last two years. Balance RVA has allowed me to gain confidence as a working mom, find stress relief, and succeed in my profession as a public health and wellness professional.”


“Balance RVA has SIGNIFICANTLY improved my life. Having a place to work with childcare is the only reason I am still in the work place. And during COVID-19, the ability to have all of my children and myself at the same location, seeing the same people, has significantly reduced our exposure and given my children a sense of normalcy. It is not a stretch to say that without Balance RVA my life, and mental health, would be a daily struggle.”


“As a Recruiter, I am on calls many times per week but not on a weekly regular schedule. The flexibility of Balance RVA’s childcare services is so important to my ability to work. The low cost of the childcare is also important as I’m only able to work part time due to my older children’s school schedules. I am so grateful for Balance RVA and their support for working families!”


Our Childcare Staff

Balance RVA childcare staff hold various degrees and certifications in early childhood development, psychology and teaching. We offer two classrooms – an Infant Room and a Pre-K room to ensure all children receive age-appropriate care. Additionally, all staff members (including non-childcare employees) are fully background checked and CPR certified.

Meet the Childcare Staff at Balance RVA Coworking and Offices in Central Virginia

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