BALANCE KIDS (0-12yrs)


A Values-Based Program

Introducing Virginia's first child care program exclusively designed to help children develop an identifiable set of core values.  From empathy to inclusion, and self-acceptance to respect for others, we teach children the emotional and relationship management skills that will be critical to their success as adults. supplement the standard academic curriculum

Our mission is not to replace the traditional child care curriculum, but to complement it by focusing on the emotional intelligence and right-brain skills that are critical to a child's long-term success.  Twice a day, we offer sensory play, musical expression, group reading and structured self-play.  Once a week, we facilitate a STEM activity.

... with an emphasis on these values.

Our program is grounded in 12 essential values:

  • Emotional Awareness and Empathy
  • Self-Worth and Self-Acceptance
  • Forgiveness and Compassion
  • Kindness and Anti-Bullying
  • Accepting Responsibility
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Protecting the Earth
  • Respect for Others
  • Giving to Others
  • Teamwork
  • Gratitude

Our Staff

Balance RVA childcare staff hold various degrees and certifications in early childhood development, psychology and teaching. Additionally, all staff members (including non-childcare employees)  are background checked and CPR certified.


  • "My son looks forward to going with my wife and loves the care and attention he gets, even asking for them by name. Come, bring the in peace... network... All for less than the cost of a daycare." - Josh, Member's Spouse

  • "Balance RVA is a great place for business people who believe in work life integration - it is a place that supports family and business equally."  - Christina, Member Coach

  • "Balance RVA has saved my life as a working mom! This is the BEST kept secret in Richmond. Being a remote employee with a young child can be confusing and downright difficult. Enter: Balance RVA. I now have a welcoming, relaxing place where I can go and BRING my son to work with me! The childcare is out-of-this-world and I am so thankful that I found out about it and that I am part of this community. The quiet rooms and common work areas are so nice and relaxing. My productivity has improved by a mile since joining Balance RVA and I encourage anyone and everyone to tour and join!" -  Lauri, Member

  • "I love the fact that your membership includes so much more than just a place to work. The wellness aspect, the coaching, the childcare, and you can even get guest passes to coworking locations around the country as a part of your membership which is great for my company since our clients are located across the country! The atmosphere is amazing and every detail is taken into account to provide a very professional and supportive environment. My clients love coming to meetings and I love coming to my office!" - Bunny, Member

  • "I love Balance! The people are so kind and welcoming and the childcare is fabulous!!! So grateful for this amazing resource for families in RVA 💗" - Liz, Member

  • "As a work from home mom of 3 boys (including a 4 mo old), I appreciate the flexible office space and on site child care offered at Balance RVA for times when I have phone calls to make but my kids have other plans! The team at Balance RVA has done a great job of creating a welcoming work environment and listening to what their members need to be successful." - Lindsey, Member

  • "The staff is caring and attentive and the community of members is like the village I and been hoping for. It feels somewhere between a spa and a home away from home, not the typical white walled co-space. The perks are awesome and the childcare program has been a lifesaver." - Melissa, Member

  • "Finding Balance was a Godsend as I needed more dedicated time to work, and my 2 year old daughter needed a place to socialize. It is more affordable than nursery school and everyday Bella has been learning new skills. It's been an amazing experience for both of us and I am so, so, so grateful! Thank you Balance RVA for giving me the opportunity to thrive as a Momma & a working parent." - Mary Beth, Member

  • "Have you guys heard of Balance RVA?! It has revolutionized balancing momming-oh-so-hard and being a badass mortgage lender. On site childcare with my own office literally feet away from sweet Eloise’s “school” as she calls it. It has set me up for my biggest year yet and I cannot contain how blessed I feel to have found this spot!" - Amber, Member